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Spa Talk By CaTara Medical Spa In Chicago and Algonquinf

We tailor the experience to every person

Creating real results for the real you

Creating truly beautiful, aesthetic results for the face and body of all skin types takes artistry, expertise, and the secret ingredient: care. At CaTara Medical Spa, we take pride in imbuing each of our treatments with all three as a bespoke med spa Gold Coast Chicago and Algonquin clients rely on. We are a state-of-the-art aesthetic center, specializing in non-surgical, cosmetic skin treatments. We are owned by a Board-Certified plastic surgeon and operated by Cathy Neuhalfen and Jeanne Foote. Our team of experienced practitioners brings with them decades of expertise in skin care treatment.

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The aesthetic attention you desire

Truly beautiful results for the face and body

Each of our procedures are completely safe, extremely effective and will give you the healthy and beautiful skin you deserve. We are a med spa Gold Coast Chicago and Algonquin residents can easily get to – with one facility in the Chicago Gold Coast neighborhood and one in the Historic Downtown Algonquin neighborhood. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our staff.

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Providing only the best

Your skin is delicate and it requires a practiced hand and a gentle touch to heal. Our team of highly skilled, certified practitioners specialize in providing targeted and natural looking results.

We are a respected facial and cosmetic medical spa at the heart of the Chicago Gold Coast neighborhood and in the historic downtown Algonquin area. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in providing skin care treatments for people of all ages.

Whether it’s treating your child’s acne in our Acne Clinic, helping your husband with anti-aging options like Juvederm or Restylane, treating a ligament or tendon injury with Natural Growth Factor Injections therapy, or performing chemical peels and facial rejuvenation procedures for a more youthful countenance, our med spa in Algonquin and Gold Coast Chicago is here to provide the specific treatments you need. We understand that each person’s skin is unique and each person has specific aesthetic needs which is why our treatment packages are highly-customized and designed to help you uncover the best version of you.

Beauty Without Boundaries

Want to improve the look of your skin? We have numerous aesthetic procedures which can get rid of wrinkles, dark spots, crow’s feet, acne scars, and skin dullness. Or what about doing something about the dreaded double chin with Kybella?

We also offer treatments such as microneedling and an extensive collection of skincare products that can infuse essential nutrients into your skin, heal injured skin cells and make your skin brighter, softer and more supple.

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Cutting-Edge Rejuvenating Science

Sometimes, a simple cosmetic treatment may not be enough to yield the results you desire. It is best to focus on the specific dermatological challenges you face. This is where our medical spa helps. We have carefully selected various chemical formulations, chemical peels and treatments, which will stimulate collagen and elastin production, stop wrinkle formation, provide in-depth skin cleansing, repair damaged skin cells and help resurface your body. These formulations and serums are extremely safe to use and we make sure to use only those products that don’t give you allergies.

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Ultimate Care & Attention

Laser treatments offer the same benefits as surgery, but without any of the risks. From tightening loose folds of skin, to helping you get an even skin tone or giving you a permanent solution to your waxing and shaving problems, our laser skin tightening and hair removal treatments can help you in numerous ways. We also offer laser vein removal using the GentleMax Pro® laser by Candela. We can examine and evaluate your condition and provide treatment that helps you get rid of unwanted veins.

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The CaTara Experience is the Patient's experience

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The approach we take makes all the difference

Beauty and skin health aren’t limited to one type of client. Nor do they discriminate between race and gender. This is what we believe and practice at our medical spa. We have a large pool of clientele from all walks of life. We are proud to serve all members of our community and we create an atmosphere of acceptance, love and warmth where everyone is welcome.

Our team of highly-qualified, licensed practitioners have worked with people of all ages, race, gender, and sexual orientation, helping them improve their quality of life through cosmetic medicine. So please feel free to come in and benefit from our years of expertise. We use state-of-the-art technology and follow globally recognized practices, making us a Gold Coast med spa Chicago deserves. We can help you feel better about your mind, body and soul, by leading a healthier, more enjoyable life through our full range of cosmetic and medical treatments.

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