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We understand the challenges to shed those extra pounds, which is why our team at CATARA Med Spa has invested significant time to create a comprehensive program for medical weight loss in Algonquin. Our program prioritizes nutrition, mindset, lifestyle and exercise to provide you with effective and sustainable results.  

Consistency plays an important role in our holistic approach and that’s why we’ve collaborated with outstanding companies to provide you with support on your journey. Our wellness partners include:  Organic Roots, Club Pilates Algonquin, HotWorx and The Vitamin Shoppe.




Medical Weight Loss at CATARA

Health is often thought of as good or bad – the presence or absence of disease or chronic conditions.  Wellness, however, is more fluid. Wellness is a practice, an intentional, holistic approach of incorporating lifestyle practices to ensure good health. Our tailored programs combine expert guidance and research-based approaches to help you shed unwanted pounds safely and sustainably. We incorporate 4 pillars: Mindfulness, Nutrition, Exercise and Medication.

Mindfulness: Emphasizing the significance of mindset in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we follow the mantra: Thoughts > Feelings > Actions > Results.  Our in-house certified meditation coach will work with you to reduce stress which will help reduce cortisol levels. 

Nutrition: Understanding the importance of nutrition, we offer a supportive and collaborative process to help guide your nutritional goals and further self-care.

Exercise: Exercise plays a big role in sustaining a healthy lifestyle, not only to support a caloric deficit but also, its impact on our mental health can’t be understated.  Taking this into account, we have partnered with some great local fitness clubs, from pilates to weight lifting, we can help you find the activity you enjoy.

Medication: Our primary objective is to utilize medication as a tool to help you adopt healthy habits, ensuring the sustainability of your weight loss goal. Your dedicated provider will customize the plan to cater to your individual needs, and jointly you will decide on the precise duration of the program.



What is Semaglutide?


Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonist. In simple terms, GLP-1 is an appetite suppressant. It works with the body to regulate appetite helping to create a caloric deficit. It also helps to slow down digestion so you feel fuller longer. It also contains vitamin B12 which can help improve energy levels, brain function, metabolism and weight loss.

What If I Don't Want To Use Semaglutide?

No problem. We can provide alternative medications and modalities to assist your weight loss process.

How Long Will I Need To Take Semaglutide?

The goal is to use medication as a tool for adopting healthy habits so you can sustain your weight loss goal. Your provider will tailor the program to meet your specific needs and together you will determine the exact duration of the medication.


We provide comprehensive programs and our providers are committed to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. Our programs are customized to fit your needs and we will walk along side you in this journey. You will meet with our in-house certified nutrition coach who will provide education and guidance throughout the program. We work with you on stress management to control cortisol levels. You will have access to our wellness partners to help you find the exercise routine you enjoy. We offer assistance with building muscle so you create toned, contoured muscles as you lose weight. Prescribed medication is monitored and adjusted as needed.

What to Expect:

Once-weekly injectable you can do at home

Appetite suppression

Feel fuller longer

Lower blood sugar

Minimal side effects

Improved health markers

Nutrition coaching

Physician guided


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