Jeanne Foote

Director of Operations


With an extensive background spanning more than three decades in the retail sector, Jeanne’s commitment lies in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Her fervent dedication to serving others has played a pivotal role in establishing her as a reputable and reliable professional among her clientele. Jeanne’s enthusiasm for continuous learning and personal growth is evident in her role as a Phlebotomist, a Certified Meditation Coach, and a Double Certified Nutrition Coach. Certified in HydraFacial and currently earning her esthetics license while consistently striving to become the best possible version of herself.

Jeanne, along with her team, have an outstanding customer service reputation. They are passionate about providing clients with best in class treatments to help them achieve their skincare and wellness goals.


Following a notable health issue, Jeanne came to a profound realization regarding the significance of self-care. This pivotal experience prompted her to depart from a 30-year-long career and embark on a journey of self-reinvention. Joining CaTara in 2019, she has since dedicated herself to advocating for the essential role of self-care in maintaining a well-rounded life. Through numerous speaking engagements, Jeanne actively educates individuals about the importance of incorporating self-care into their lives in a wholesome and healthful manner.

Jeanne has deep roots in Algonquin and partners with many local organizations to support the community.  When she isn’t working, you will find her with her family.