Cathy Neuhalfen

Founder, CEO


Three decades ago, Cathy initiated her career as a skilled portrait photographer, where she honed her expertise in capturing her clients’ facial expressions and natural gestures. However, in 2013, a new aspiration emerged within her – the desire to contribute to her clients’ sense of confidence and well-being. This led her to establish CaTara Med Spa in the heart of her hometown, Algonquin. Notably, in 2018, she expanded her venture by inaugurating a second location in Chicago’s esteemed Gold Coast district.

Cathy’s life journey has been devoted to personal service, a commitment exemplified through her business endeavors. By centering her approach on individualized attention, she has crystallized “The CaTara Experience” as the embodiment of exceptional care for all clients. Guided by unwavering principles, she firmly believes in the practice of integrity, the pursuit of excellence in every treatment, and the demonstration of genuine care and respect for each individual. These values constitute the very foundation upon which CaTara stands.


Cathy’s artistic nature flourishes through a multitude of hobbies, ranging from tending to her garden to crafting stained glass creations. Yet, her ultimate joy is found in the company of her grandson, which she cherishes as her favorite pastime. Alongside this, she finds delight in exploring new places through travel, creating culinary wonders in the kitchen, and sharing meaningful moments with her loved ones. Revered by both friends and family, Cathy is hailed as an exceptionally generous individual, a sentiment echoed consistently among those who know her well.