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Tired of using ineffective over-the-counter products to treat skin dullness, scars or sun damage? At CaTara Medical Spa, we offer medical-grade chemical peels that break up the dead cells off the surface, to leave your skin looking new and youthful. Peels are exfoliating agents that improve cell turnover and help maintain the natural glow of your skin.

Chemical Peels In Chicago And Algonquin by caTara Medical Spa

All about chemical peels

Chemical peel treatment consists of applying an acid-based solution to the area to be treated. The acid used, however, will depend on the skin type and condition. These treatments improve pore size, sun-damaged skin, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. Based on your consultation, our licensed aesthetician will guide you in the process and expected results, ensuring you get the very best in chemical peels Gold Coast Chicago and Algonquin can offer.

Are chemical peels right for you?

When you choose us for your skin health needs, you can be assured of the most professional, scientific advice and guidance from highly qualified providers. While the number of exfoliating sessions with peels is recommended based on the severity of the skin problems and overall skin health, our providers also advise against over-exfoliation.

Over-exfoliation can result in the removal of healthy skin cells as well, which can damage your skin, making it sensitive and increasing redness. Achieving the delicate balance of the right amount of exfoliation is what we specialize in.

Restore your skin health with our professional strength chemical peel treatment

Chemical peels are a highly effective method of exfoliation, gently breaking up the bonds connecting dead skin cells and promoting the renewal of healthy cells without the use of harsh physical exfoliants. Our team of medical professionals have used chemical peels to reduce acne and acne-related scars and hyperpigmentation in many patients.

Chemical peels offer other benefits as well for your skin. Our skin experts offer tailored chemical peel treatment sessions that not only address scars and dead skin cells but reduce pore size and leave your skin hydrated and softer.

Who is a candidate for a chemical peel?

At our medical spa, the focus is on offering tailored skin treatment regimes. We want to give you the best experience and result from chemical peels Gold Coast Chicago and Algonquin can provide. When you consult a member of our medical team, you will be prescribed chemical peels if:

• You desire stronger, more specialized results than from classic facials alone. Because of their ability to penetrate deeper into the skin, chemical peels are able to provide a more effective solution for stubborn, hard-to-treat skin issues. Your aesthetician will be able to prescribe the recommended depth and strength of the chemical peel based on your skincare needs.

• You are prepared to undergo the peel healing process. Following your chemical peel treatment, you may experience anywhere from light skin flaking to heavier shedding of dead skin in the treated area for up to a week. This may affect work and lifestyle choices, and you should consult with your trained CaTara skincare practitioner to properly plan your peel and gauge what you can expect in terms of aftercare and the healing process.

Chemical Peels By CaTara Medical Spa In Chicago and Algonquinf

Consult our highly-experienced team of doctors and aestheticians

At CaTara Medical Spa, we pay the utmost attention to sourcing the highest quality products with authentic ingredients. Our commitment to quality also extends to the care and attention we give to each of our clients, which is the reason we have emerged as one of the top medical spas in the Gold Coast neighborhood and Algonquin areas.

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