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Diminish a double chin for a more slender look with Kybella

While surgery has been a long-standing fix to excess and unwanted chin fat, it can place too much strain on your body and may result in surgical scars. We offer an alternative treatment option that is completely non-invasive. At CaTara Medical Spa, we offer an alternative treatment option that is completely non-invasive and highly effective in chin tightening called Kybella. We have two clinics – one in the Historic Downtown Algonquin region of Illinois and the other in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. Visit our clinic and benefit from our state-of-the-art cosmetic care. See why we are arguably the best med spa for Kybella Chicago and Algonquin has.

Kybella Before And After Image By CaTara Medical Spa In Chicago and Algonquinf

What is Kybella?

The human body produces an enzyme called Deoxycholic acid, which helps breakdown fat. The synthetically produced version of the Deoxycholic acid is called Kybella.

Kybella is an FDA approved injectable which is formulated to breakdown and melt away the fat cells located in the submental region of the body, i.e., the chin and the top part of the neck. The injectable disintegrates the fat cells located on and around the chin. This melted fat is then ejected by your lymphatic system.

Once ejected, your chin and the top part of your neck will look very shapely, streamlined, and beautiful.

Candidates eligible for Kybella injections

You can benefit from Kybella if:

  • You are more than 25 years old and have fat in the chin or neck
  • Exercise and diets do not help reduce chin fat
  • Surgery is not an option
  • Chin/neck fat is ruining your appearance and self-esteem

People who should avoid Kybella are:

  • Those with a dermatological or a medical condition which may affect the results
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Patients who have undergone face, neck or jaw surgery
  • Those who experience breathing problems or who have difficulty swallowing
  • Those on blood thinners

The Kybella procedure

First, our team of highly-qualified and experienced practitioners at our Gold Coast med spa will assess your chin and evaluate the extensiveness of the treatment. This will assist us in determining your treatment and ensuring you get the best result from Kybella Chicago and Algonquin have to offer. They will then identify specific injection sites where Kybella will be injected into your chin.

Kybella treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses needles to inject the solution. Most people don’t even feel the prick of the needles. However, we can apply a numbing cream to minimize the discomfort. Next, we will inject the Kybella into the pre-selected areas. After the injection, our practitioners will apply ice to the area to reduce the inflammation.

The total number of injections given in each session will depend on how much fat is accumulated in your chin. Usually, the entire procedure is completed within 15 to 20 minutes. Overall, we recommend that you come in for 6 Kybella sessions, to benefit from complete fat removal from your submental region.

Immediately after the treatment, your chin and neck may feel a little stiff and hard. There may be swelling, tenderness, and minor bruising at the injection site. This is normal, and these symptoms should disappear within a few days.

Recovery after Kybella

It may happen that the treated area may look worse than before immediately after the treatment. But this is only because the Kybella is working. Within 2 to 3 weeks, you’ll see a visible change in the shape and size of your chin.

The complete results of the Kybella treatment can be seen about 5 to 6 weeks after the procedure. At the end of the 6th week, you’ll have a shapely and delicate chin, that takes years off your face.

Kybella By CaTara Medical Spa In Chicago and Algonquinf

A permanent solution to unwanted chin fat

The best part about Kybella is that the injections destroy the fat cells in your chin permanently. Once the entire set of sessions are complete, you won’t have any fat cells left in the chin to store fat. Your chin will always be shapely, smooth, and fat-free.

It is important to mention that the results of the Kybella treatment will remain only so long as the person watches their weight and health. If you put on a lot of weight later, new fat cells may develop in the chin region in the future.

At CaTara Medical Spa, we have a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art facility both in Gold Coast, Chicago, and Algonquin, Illinois. You can trust us for a quick, pain-free, and completely personalized service. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your own treatments of Kybella Chicago and Algonquin area clients are raving about.

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