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Facial veins are web-shaped lines on the face, which many people find embarrassing. It occurs when blood vessels on the face enlarge and break just below the skin’s surface. For those looking to eliminate unsightly facial veins and red spots on the face or neck, facial vein removal uses the latest laser technologies and sclerotherapy injections to eradicate this kind of skin imperfection. 

What Are Facial Veins?

Facial veins are superficial blood conditions that appear as visible veins that lie beneath the skin’s surface. They occur on the face and body and can build up over many years or appear due to many factors. The most common risk factors for developing spider veins are:

  • Genetics. The likeliness of having facial, spider, and varicose veins are sometimes correlated to family history if someone in the family has had varicose or spider veins.
  • Pre-existing health or medical conditions. Some side effects of medication can lead to spider veins on different parts of the body, including the face. Also, underlying health conditions can harm vein health. Let the doctor or medical professional know about these crucial factors before they can offer a diagnosis and offers.
  • Aging. As one gets older, some changes in health and wellness are natural. Veins on the face can slowly appear as the skin loses its elasticity.
  • Pressure. Different types of stress, such as from an injury or even the atmosphere, can have lasting effects on one’s body. Just as one can expect bruising from a fall, one might notice facial veins after something (such as sneezing) has caused the small blood vessels in the face to break.
  • UV and Sun Exposure. Skin damage from prolonged sun and ultraviolet rays can lead to wrinkles, age spots, visible veins, and more. This is why putting on sunscreen before heading outdoors is a critical item to add to one’s routine.
  • Changes in Hormones. Hormone fluctuations can lead to an increase in the risk for spider veins and varicose veins. A boost in the hormone estrogen, and sometimes also pressure from sudden weight gain, is one of the reasons why pregnant women might notice an influx of visible veins along the legs or face.

What Are The Treatments For Facial Veins?

Advances in medicine and laser technology have removed unsightly facial veins without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. There are now highly effective procedures for eliminating red or blue lesions on the face, referred to as thread veins, spider veins, or broken capillaries. The most effective vein treatment options include:


These injections are done with a skinny, tiny needle, delivering a liquid substance that irritates and destroys the vein walls. The small needle ensures that the veins or the surrounding tissue are not punctured. The active agent in this treatment is also called a sclerosant or sclerosing solution.

The cosmetologist decides the number of veins that can treat in a single session since some time is needed for the blood in the treated facial veins to re-route itself. The intervening period between sessions ensures that the overall dynamics of blood supply to the facial skin are not upset. Treating too many veins at one time puts the risk of inducing too much pressure on the adjacent vessels. This is why injections are gradually administered in succession during every session.


It is a slightly gentler treatment that uses radio-frequency energy. A tiny, insulated probe destroys spider veins using heat energy (causing thermocoagulation)—without harm to the skin. The therapy typically brings instant gratification, with spider veins disappearing right before the eyes.

In addition, its most significant advantage is that Veinwave can quickly treat even the tiniest veins. An ultra-fine insulated needle will be inserted into the outer-most layer of your skin without piercing the vessel itself. Veinwave has few risks and side effects, immediate recovery, maximum effectiveness, and little to no pain.


Electrosurgery is a classic treatment, especially for small facial telangiectasias and spider angiomas. Because these vessels are very superficial, they are usually easily destroyed. Electrosurgery uses a hand-held needle device that emits a high-frequency electrical current to target the problem veins and destroy them. 

During the treatment, patients commonly experience a tolerated level of discomfort, and after the procedure is complete, a tiny scab will form, which should quickly heal in the days ahead. The course is quick, relatively inexpensive, and requires little recovery time.

Pulsed Dye Laser

This non-invasive treatment utilizes a stream of gentle, yellow bursts of light penetrating the blood vessels deep within the skin. The pulsed dye laser works to heat up the targeted veins and eliminates them without damaging surrounding tissue. Eventually, the vein is reabsorbed by the body and dissolves on its own. 

Moreover, the immune system removes the damaged vessels over the next few weeks. Most small plates can be treated in just a few short treatments. While these treatments can eliminate facial veins, they can’t prevent new veins from developing.  

Are Results Permanent?

When facial veins are treated, the vein tissue is reabsorbed by the body, and the target vein is disappeared permanently. Keep in mind that chances of neighboring veins becoming enlarged are possible, but the treated vein will never trigger the problem again. On top of that, the importance of following instructions from skin experts can reduce the appearance of facial, spider, and varicose veins and offer a lower probability of new issues. 

Who Should Receive The Facial Vein Removal?

The ideal candidates for facial vein removal include the common reasons below who demand the need to look for the treatment, including:

  • Those with visible veins with a web-like pattern on the facial regions.
  • Not a case of pregnancy, and there is no previous case of any form of blood clots.
  • A person with good general health and who wants to look beautiful.

The Bottom Line

Facial veins are a cosmetic concern that makes the skin appear red in areas where the “webs” are visible and may also cause minor itching. At CaTara Medical Spa, their experienced providers have years of experience providing laser vein reduction and vein removal treatments. They can examine and evaluate the condition and provide the treatment that helps eliminate unwanted veins.


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