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Please fill out our Virtual Skin Q&A and receive customized skincare information from CaTara Medical Spa

Tell us about your skin...

What is your skin color?

Very Fair
Very Dark
How does your skin respond to the sun?

I burn easily
Sometimes burn
I never burn
I do not tan easily
Sometimes tan
I tan easily

Scars from acne
Dark Spots
Dark under eye circles
Under eye puffiness

Broken capillaries
Sun damage
Rough or bumpy texture
Keratosis Pilaris
Fine lines/wrinkles

Cysts - subsurface, red, painful
The classic pimple

Tell us about your skincare routine…

What skincare products are you currently using?
How do you feel they are working well for you?
What statement best describes your skin. (Check all that apply)

My skin feels pretty good and is not overly oily or dry
My skin sometimes feels dry like the desert
My skin starts out okay in the morning, but dries out as the day goes on
My skin feels dry even after I use moisturizer
My cheeks feel dry and sometimes look flaky
My skin is pretty oily
My skin is oily only in the T-zone
Moisturizers can be too much for my skin
My skin starts to look shiny as the day goes on
My skin looks dull and lacks vitality

Tell us about your lifestyle…

0-30 minutes per day
1-2 hours per day
2-3 hours per day
3-4 hours per day
4+ hours per day


YesNoWhen I can, no set routine

YesNoSometimesNot anymore