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About CaTara Skin Rejuvenation Spa

We are all aging, and as we do, our skin loses its ability to repair itself as qucikly as it used to. Sun damage and UV exposure, heredity, and lifestyle all contribute to the aging process, and we at CaTara Med Spa offer all of the latest dermitological advancements to help slow and even reverse the appearance of aging for you.

Some of these treatments include skin-resurfacing facials, chemical peels, aesthetic injections, vitamin infused IV hydration therapy, foot scrubs, and even teeth whitening.

We understand that time is precious, so for those of you looking to acheive optimal anti-aging treatments in a hurry – look no further – you can request to receive up to three spa treatments SIMULTANEOUSLY, to save your skin while also saving your time!

We at CaTara are commited to using only the best products, and delivering unmatched, quality care by our passionate and talented staff. Our trained professionals will meet with you for a skin consultation and together you will decide the best products and services for your individual skincare needs/concerns.