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HydroPeptide incorporates the latest advancements in anti-aging technologies, peptides are their driving force. Their collection currently includes an industry leading 21 different peptides that turn on signals that trigger the skin to rebuild, rejuvenate and reverse damage, resulting in skin that looks better and acts younger. HydroPeptide is a power-packed, award winning, anti-aging collection recently featured in InStyle, Vanity Fair, and Allure magazines and honored with 25 beauty awards in the last few years. HydroPeptide is formulated for all skin types, is cruelty-free and phtalate-free.


Intraceuticals is a total skincare philosophy based on the concept that skin hydration is critical for vital, healthy looking skin. Intraceuticals recognised that dehydration is a major cause of fine lines, wrinkles and skin aging, and that Hyaluronics (natural water binding ingredients found naturally in body) help to elevate the hydration of the skin. So, based on cutting edge research, Intraceuticals developed their patented 3 Step Hyaluronic Layering. This forms the basis of the revolutionaly Intraceuticals Treatments to provide instant, visible results; and scientifically advanced skincare, designed to revive, replenish and protect the skin.


Colorescience high performance mineral cosmetics were created to remedy and camouflage specific skin concerns while protecting the skin from damaging rays of the sun and environment.  Colorescience is a premier luxury mineral makeup line with high levels of SPF, efficacious skin care ingredients, pure mineral formulations and luxury colores that improve the overall appearance and health of the skin. Their simple to use mineral line offers an extensive selection of products for the face, eyes, lips, and cheeks which can be layered together allowing you to achieve the perfect canvas.


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