Advanced Skincare Products


Rhonda Allison Skincare blends the best of active natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create superior treatments that will transform the condidtion of your skin, bringing it to its optimum potential for health and beauty. It's only naural to want healthier, more youthful skin - and by blending science and nature, it's possible. Since everyone's skin is different, and in fact changes over time, your esthetician will create a treatment plan customized just for you.


Regenica was developed by one of the leading scientisits in regenerative medicine who discovered that by mimicking the embryonic environment, she could produce a younger, fresher set of growth factors that are present when skin is in its most regenerative stage. Regenica skin care supplements the growth factors in skin you have lost over time and is designed to stimulate your skin's natural repair and renewal mechanisms. Clinical studies show that when used consistently, Regenica improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, reduces the appearance of pores, evens out skin tone, and reveals a more radiant complexion.


ReFissa is the only FDA approved and marketed 0.05% tretinoin emollient cream indicated for the treatment of fine facial wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation, and tactile roughness of facial skin. ReFissa is a fragrance-free, emollient cream that is researched and proven to be tolerated by all skin types.


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